Kitchen Hours

Kitchen Hours: Sun 4–8 | Mon–Thu 4–9 | Fri–Sat 4–10

Flat Breads

F.O.W. prosciutto, strawberry, ricotta, basil, Saba, sea salt -18

Gruyere & Pecorino, Wild Mushrooms, sage oil, and black pepper - 18

Smoked duck, onion jam, gruyere, chevre, and arugula - 18

Roma tomato and basil, buffalo mozzarella, white cheddar, and saba - 18

Small Plates

Featured small plate toast points, halumi cheese, heirloom tomato, jalapeno oil, watercress -10

Kale dried cherries, blue cheese, pickled shallot, pepitas, parsley pecan dressing-10

Buffalo Mozzarella roasted beets, arugula, toasted pisctachio, Myer lemon rosemary oil - 14

Roasted Brussels sprouts pecans, golden raisins, balsamic, smoked Pancetta - 10

Hummus beet-pickled cauliflower, pine nuts, parsley, warm pita - 10

grilled cheese cheddar, gruyere, prosciutto, onion jam, dijon, tomatillo gazpacho - 10

Steak Tartare Capers, Mustard, Arbol Chili oil, quail egg, served with crostini - 15

Charcuterie - Maestri Speck - San Daniele Prosciutto - Copa
Accompanied with Mustard, McQuade's fruit chutney, and pickles - 20

Cheese Platter - Bleu del Moncenisio/cow - pear pecorino/sheep
Grossetano di Bufala with honeycomb, roasted nuts, McQuade's fruit chutney - 20

Roasted Mixed Nuts with brown sugar, sage, paprika, sea salt - 8

Warm Mixed Olive Bowl - 8

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.